Hi @essaetch - Hey, that 's approximately why I write poems too. That, and I can't seem to concentrate longer than 14 lines or so.

@laughingmaus Currently I'm having a helluva time even getting up to 14 for a structured poem. My free verse is usually longer, but If its not free then I'm putting in a lot of extra effort for checking the meter (I don't have the instinct for a torchee vs iamb yet, so I don't bother)

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And here we are just 'sperimenten around. What happens when we gather a collaborative of writers, poets, and other creatives mostly just entering our prime, as in: We are over forty. Maybe even well over forty.

Our current wish list includes another old geek or two, some more photography buffs, the occasional Lebenskünstler, visual artists of the classical or modern sort. Bring on the eternal students! Cooks! (Who will make the brownies...?) Do you just love to hang out with people like us? People who are interested in all things human and who aim for excellence?

We'd love to meet you...

I am new to community moderation but I'm good at parties and I'm game to try this. If we doesn't sound quite like the community you are looking for, have a look at:

They are full of cool people...